Meet the M.E Team

Nicky McDonald PhD Ecological Economics


Phone Number+64 9 915 5521


Nicky is part of M.E’s Environment team and has over a decade of experience – both in consulting and also in planning at the local government level.  She has recently completed a PhD in Ecological Economics. During her time at M.E, Nicky has worked on a range of exciting and cutting-edge projects. These include the estimation of greenhouse gases embodied in NZ’s traded goods, the development of a new method for deriving input-output tables for national and regional economies, the establishment of an economic framework for valuing the benefits of different types of water demand management. Nicky is also the recipient of a Bright Futures Scholarship. Her particular research interests are focused on the interrelationships between ecological and economic systems, and she is currently working on the development of a modelling framework and tools that help us to capture and understand these interactions.


Areas of Expertise

Computable General Equilibrium Modelling | Input-Output Analysis | Environment Input-Output Modelling | Systems Dynamics Modelling | Optimisation Modelling | Ecological Economics Modelling | Ecosystem Services Evaluation | Genuine Progress Indicator | Non Market Valuation | Social Accounting | Industrial Ecology | Economic Impact Assessment | Cost Benefit Analysis